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"We are doing fabulous! You did such a great job getting us through the toughest part of our marriage. We are now truly functioning on a much better plane. I feel like I have really found some peace and forgiveness in this whole affair situation. It has been over a year now. The girl is now living out of town at her college and Michael has given me every indication he hopes he never wants to see her again. Obviously, we had a long process to go through and both of us has done our share of stamping feet and feeling sorry for ourselves. But I was a very sick and paranoid individual (for good reason) way back. I am now feeling like we are over the huge hump. There are days I can get through without thinking about it. It is not all consuming anymore and I am hoping that I am giving him trust that he deserves. He is doing all the right things, he sometimes falls back to old habits but I am trying to be more patient in dealing with him. I am trying not to handle things so negatively. We are both realizing that sometimes things don't need to be addressed at that very moment and a little forethought can take a tentative argument into a more civil discussion.

I don't have much more time to write, but I figured you could use another wonderful outcome story. So far so good! He is much better husband now than I ever dreamed he'd be! Thanks, Luann!"

Tami W., Boulder, Colorado

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