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Reviews of Secret Lovers

“Dr. Linquist's fascinating book sheds light on a subject kept in the dark too long. Without judging, her research illuminates the patterns, the passions, and the pitfalls.”
Bruce Hilton, bioethics columnist, San Francisco Examiner

“Dr. Linquist uses a non-judgemental approach to put secret love affairs in their proper place. Her practical guidance offers excellent advice to anyone who has had, is having, or wants to have an affair.”
Dr. Rita Freedman, Clinical Psychologist and author of Beauty Bound and BodyLove.

Secret Lovers is a much needed book about affairs. At last Luann Linquist brings to our attention the reality that affairs exist and that their numbers represent a much larger portion of the population than most realize. She is a Marriage & Family Therapist who has written a book that will help those anticipating an affair, those in one, and those trying to adjust to the aftermath of an affair. Even therapists will find this book of value in their professional practice.”
Dr. Penelope Russianoff, Clinical Psychologist and author of When Am I Going to Be Happy: How to Break the Negative Emotional Habits that Make You Miserable.

“Have you had an affair? Are you the 'injured' partner of someone who has had an affair? Are you thinking of having an affair? If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, this is a very fascinating and important book for you to read. Without condoning the affair, Dr. Linquist describes both the pitfalls and problems of the affair, as well as the potential rewards and satisfactions for all of the parties concerned.”
Dr. A. Russell Lee, Psychiatrist and family therapist in Berkeley, CA.

“As one who has given professionals guidance in public affairs—and is well used to 'Inside the Beltway Political Scandal'—it's insightful to dip into Luann Linquist's fascinating work. Don't be misled by the provocative title: Dr. Linquist's in-depth accounts should certainly be helpful to thousands. It's akin to overhearing restaurant conversations or, at times, being underneath the psychiatrist's couch. This is a serious work with important implications.”
John Jay Daly, APR, Washington D.C.

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