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About Dr. Luann Linquist

Founder of DeleteStress.com, is a noted speaker, coach-by-phone, author and therapist who enhances relationships and communication by utilizing "The DELETE Technique"-a cutting-edge, rapid-response integrative process that eliminates obstacles created by work-life stress, anxiety, and phobias that people have been struggling with for months and even years.

She has helped hundreds of men and women ranging from Fortune 500 executives, national leaders, to college students and stay-at-home moms. She quickly helps clients to break through the barriers keeping them from experiencing a life full of energy, extra time, and healthy relationships.

Dr. Luann is a frequent guest expert on numerous television and radio shows including: OPRAH, CNN, FOX, GERALDO, and HARD COPY. She is past President of the National Speakers Association of Northern California, the keynote speaker at dozens of conferences, and the author of Balancing Love and Work, Marketing Strategies for the Woman Entrepreneur, and Secret Lovers.

An exciting speaker and coach, Dr. Luann combines three decades of practical experience with inspiration. She is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. With the ability to coach one-on-one behind-the-scenes as well as on stage, Luann has become the acclaimed "Person-to-Person Advisor".

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