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"Dr. Linquist uses a nonjudgmental approach to extramarital affairs. A practical guide and coach, she offers excellent advice to anyone who has had, is having, or wants to have an affair.
-- Rita Freedman, psychologist and author

A Myth-Shattering Look at Long-Term Love Affairs

Extramarital affairs, because of their secret nature, go unspoken. This silence has forced those involved to cope with incredibly complex problems with no support and advice. Until now! Secret Lovers is an indispensable and nonjudgmental resource that takes an unflinching look at the dynamics of long-term extramarital affairs. Linquist delves deep into our most intimate and risk of behaviors and shows us how to cope, survive, and thrive.

Affairs Happen… How to Cope

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Extramarital affairs expert, Dr. Luann Linquist, has appeared on Oprah, Geraldo, CNN, FOX. She answers your questions and offers non-judgemental counseling on the phone…

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Overview of Secret Lovers

Take a new look at what really happens in affairs -- how they begin, the stages they go through, and why they break up.

Secret Lovers is a fascinating and rare glimpse at the secret side of life that covers all sides of the triangle. Drawing on interviews with people involved in long-term affairs, the book reveals

In Secret Lovers, award-winning psychologist Luann Linquist shows us a side of extramarital affairs never seen before. The product of more than twenty years of counseling and research experience, this startling, insightful book offers real hope to the countless men and women currently involved in or thinking about a secret relationship in a completely nonjudgmental fashion, this book explodes many of the myths we have believed about affairs, and provides information and advice that can save you from needless emotional pain.

Listen in as men and women describe with surprising candor what their affairs were like.

Research shows that, in spite of the risks, 70% of married men and 50% of married women have an affair sometime during their marriage. Some are one-night stands, of course, and some are involved in intimate relationships that last for a very long time. It is a part of American life that has not been closely examined, and the men and women in these long-term extramarital relationships have had to deal with very complex problems without support or advice. Until now.

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